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Chester is a character who can randomly appear.


Chester is a male wearing a red plaid button up jacket, a white t-shirt with a blue peace sign on it, with a red and pink headband. Chester also has long grey hair and a scraggly beard, he also has a round nose, and his eyes are two different sizes.

Nightmare appearance[]

Chester has a similar appearance to his normal version however he has a more zombie-like appearance with pale skin, sharp teeth, and clothes covered in blood.


Chester's Quiz is an event that is guaranteed to appear on the player's first playthrough of each Game Mode, where a man (Chester) appears at the window and asks the player a series of questions. If the player gets any of the questions wrong, he will inform the player that it's incorrect and will promptly leave, after which Chester will randomly return during subsequent playthroughs.

Upon getting all questions correct, he will reward the player with a badge of his face that appears on the wall beside the desk, along with the respective achievement, and leave. He will not appear again after obtaining the badge.

Questions and Answers[]

Arcade Mode (Chester)[]

1) What is the meaning of life, the universe and everything else?


(Reference to "The Hitchhiker's Guide to the Galaxy.")

2) What is the scientific name of the Australian animal that drastically changes its appearance when removed from its natural habitat?

Psychrolutes Marcidus

(Also known as the blobfish, which looks normal in its habitat deep underwater, but when pulled to the surface rapidly, the depressurization turns in into an ugly pink blob.)

3) What is the name of the only sport that allows you to punch your opponent in the face because they capture a piece?

Chess boxing

(A hybrid sport involving alternating rounds of boxing and chess until someone is checkmated or knocked out.)

4) At least how many times do you have to fold a 0.01mm thick sheet of paper to cover the distance between the Shire and Mordor?


(LOTR reference. Shire and Mordor are cities in Middle Earth 1,779 miles apart.)



(A vigenére cipher that translates to "What is the seventh planet in the solar system.")

6) According to F.S.M. global warming is a consequence of the fact that since the 19th century the number of ______ decrease


(The Flying Spaghetti Monster from made a blog post claiming that pirates and global warming are related)

Nightmare Mode (Evil Chester)[]

1) Lastname of the man behind the true face of the mask most known to internet users.


(This is a reference to the Anonymous mask, commonly referred to as the Guy Fawkes mask.)

2) Which number would give you the victory in a contest of writing the largest number with the conventional rules of the Roman numeral system?


(3888 is the biggest number you can write in the Roman numeral system)

3) Name of the hairiest lieutenant of World War II.


(Wojtek was a Syrian brown bear. He was bought from Iran by the Polish army and enlisted as a private so that they could afford his rations.)

4) Temple where once a god caused the largest pandemic ever seen in all the great darkn beyond.


(Zul'Gurub is a dungeon in popular MMO World of Warcraft. Upon engaging with the boss, Hakkar the Soulflayer, players were stricken with a debuff called 'Corrupted Blood')

5) Clave name of the multicellular organism with the ability to clone anything it touches its rhizome.

(SCP038 is also acceptable)

(SCP-038 has the ability to clone any object that touches its bark.)

6) How many numbers are formed with the digits of the cardinality of the parts of a set with the first perfect and happy number of elements?


(This question is actually meant to read, "How many unique permutations are there of the digits of the cardinality of the power set of a set with the first perfect and happy number of elements?" The first perfect and happy number is 28. The power set of a set with 28 elements has a cardinality of 268435456. There are 45360 unique permutations of the digits making up that number.)



Nacho Sama hinting that Chester could be a time traveler.

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